The Statue of Liberty #084, 144x180cm, 2020.

HSU Ching-Yuan Solo Show – “Allegories of Ocean”

For the new edition of Photo London in 2021, Galerie Frédéric Moisan (Paris) is pleased to present a solo show on Taiwanese artist HSU Ching-Yuan. 

Through his original vision, bringing personal life experience into his creative process, Hsu explores the relationship between the human being and his environment, criticising the impact of industrialisation on our planet and its inhabitants. Two videos, for which the artist has been qualified with Honorable mention for the prestigious Taipei Art Awards 2020, will be unveiled along with some twenty prints at this first exhibition in the United Kingdom. In his past life, artist HSU Ching-Yuan has been working as a factory manager in the industrial zone around Kaohsiung Port, a one-time US Navy logistics base. This experience, by allowing him to gaze at the ocean in a different way from that in his childhood, awakened his consciousness. Man has always had a fundamental and ambivalent relationship with the ocean because he is both the cause of and the solution to all the problems. HSU Ching-Yuan thus addresses questions in an interpretation both documentary and theatrical. There is nowhere in the ocean that does not bear the imprint of our species, even if it is sometimes that of destruction. We thus find prints evoking the remains of missiles that have fallen in the water and which float just under the surface. The artist has long used the ocean as a mirror of Man’s errors. Indeed, Victor Hugo already imagined that Man is a skiff embarked on the rough seas of the world and of fate. Fate is compared to the ocean, an irresistible force that sweeps souls away. Even today, Man and his waste thrown into the sea is coming to destroy the future of Humanity, and he becomes the architect of its own destruction. In his work entitled « Statue of Liberty », HSU Ching-Yuan creates a living statue, a man ill-clad in materials washed up on the industrial site like a fallen icon of the consumer society. This man was once an employee of the company previously ran by Hsu. The Statue of Liberty embodies freedom. But what about the “slave-laborer” face to his own labor? This brings us back to the prosaic reality of the worker who is far from his universal symbols. Through this staging, the artist operates a desacralization of contemporary icons in order to underline the condition of ordinary people. 

Besides these parody scenes, HSU Chin-Yuan’s footage also shows Man almost naked, surrounded by concrete and industrial machinery. The image thus makes it possible to show working conditions but also to question the latter’s place in society. The artist’s practice, his behaviour as a producer, determines the relationship that one will maintain with his work: in other words, they are relations between people and the world, via the aesthetic objects which he manufactured in the first place. With the strength and contemporaneity of the subject, the author’s commitment and the creation protocol, the photographer, much of whose life is marked by his career as a property developer, tries to bring out questions on the relationship between the producer and the worker and see how it impacts on the creation it self. All these questions swell eloquently in the period we are going through, when our freedoms are reduced. 

Through the image, new issues and new reflections are continuously revealed, inviting artists to adopt a perpetually effervescent dynamic of research and creation in the face of the changes of our time. HSU Ching-Yuan’s approach is the result of a multidisciplinary correlation – between social, ecological and artistic sciences – and he attempts to show the social issue of art and the status of photography as a medium beyond a single media representation of our news.

Apart from visiting HSU Ching-Yuan’s solo show at the fair and its online version Photo London Digital x Artsy, visitors are most welcome to logon to the website of Galerie Frédéric Moisan to discover more of the artist’s creation of the past period, or to visit the artist’s personal website – to learn more of his recent activity and works.


*Photo credit: Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Frédéric Moisan.

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Allegories of OceanHSU Ching-Yuan Solo show
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